Illustrations based on Doctor Who 2005 episodes. (tbc

This’s actually an old project I made last year, now I’m trying to remake them and add some new pieces. Not finished yet:D


I have been asking Kate Beaton to draw a Red Sonja cover for the monthly book since issue one. Since she hasn’t done a lot of covers, she was the ONLY female artist we asked who (reluctantly) turned us down.

I think she has agreed to do one if time permits, and she sent this on Twitter to hold us over and I just love it. Kate, you are awesome!


madiniwa and I are doing this meme where you pick a drawing by one of your friends and redraw it! 


you may be familiar with it because IT IS AMAZING. I love Maddie’s style all the time but this piece in particular destroys me because colours!! line!! textures!! all at once!! 

I forgot where I was going with this but yeah madiniwa is great and if you aren’t following her already you should be